Incredible Edible MilbridgeThe following veggies are ripe and ready for picking. They are FREE, so help yourself!

The gardens are patiently waiting for spring and planting season. Please check back for an update in May.

Harvest Tips


BYOB & S. Bring Your Own Bag & Scissors (or knife).

Chard and Kale
chardCarefully snap off or cut outer leaves at the base of the plant. Store leaves in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Lettuce Heads
lettuceIf the head looks fat, full and perfect, you can cut the whole head off at the base, just above the level of the soil. Otherwise, cut as shown on sign. Store lettuce head in a plastic bag in the fridge.

peasPick when they are plump. The plumper they are, the sweeter they are. Use two hands to pick—one hand on the stem to stabilize it, and the other to snap the pea off the vine.

Radishes & Carrots
radishTo check if they’re ready to harvest, look at the top of the root at soil level and you can see if it looks plump and full. To pull, grab the greens just above soil level and pull with a steady, even grip. If you pull fast and hard, you may tear the greens off, leaving the vegetable in the ground.

Green Beans
greenbeanBean plants have shallow roots, so if you’re not careful you will pull the whole plant out of the ground. Use two hands! With one hand, hold onto the plant itself where the bean is attached. With the other hand, pull the bean from the plant. Pick beans when they’re full length, and no longer skinny.

cucumberUse two hands, one to hold onto the stem where the cucumber is attached, and one to snap the cucumber off the vine.

Squash & Pumpkins
squashUse a knife to cut the squash or pumpkin from the vine. The vegetable should have about an inch of stem kept on it.

tomatoCherry tomatoes- snap off the vine. Larger tomatoes, picked with two hands, one hand to hold the stem where the tomato attaches to the vine, and one to pull or snap the fruit off.

parsleyCut a sprig or two from the plant.